Partnering with Business

The Family Table Community Assistance Program is available to all who qualify. We are located way off the beaten path in the rural Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. The municipality we are located in, Margaretville, is two and a half hours northwest of New York City and has a population of approximately 650 people, so most of our members drive in from the remote outlying areas. Because of the sparse population, most charities and many government programs do not have representation offered in more populous areas and local people in need frequently fall through the cracks. The Family Table, therefore, provides a unique opportunity for donors to really make a difference.

Our partners, both individuals and business, who donate food and money, are immediately rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing for sure, that disadvantaged families are eating better and suffering less because of their generosity. Since opening in 2004 literally thousands of low income people, young and old, from near and far, from many diverse circumstances, have come to the Family Table for help and have benefited from the tons and tons of food donated by our wonderful friends. It is our great privilege to be the distributor of such kindness and we are deeply grateful to the many businesses who share with the needy through the Family Table. Our donors truly embody the timeless biblical principle, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Become a Partner

If you would like to partner with us in bringing food assistance to low-income families, please contact us at The Family Table via phone or email. We’re looking forward to discussing the ways we can work together.


Immediate Donor Benefits

*** Tax deduction on items that might otherwise cost to have carted away

*** Valuable warehouse space freed up

*** No cost for transportation. We can arrange for shipping and absorb 100% of the cost

*** Satisfaction of knowing that impoverished rural people, who are overlooked by most charities and many government programs, are receiving access to food, personal hygiene and household items that most take for granted.